I have been wanting to get some new sounds and melodies for a while so i was thinking of learning a couple scales. How should i learn and practice them? Just play them over and over again until i have it memorized? I want to learn all the positions of the scales i learn (all the notes of the scale over the entire fretboard). I also want to learn how to intertwine (spelling?) the scales so i am able to improvise with more than one scale, so how should i practice that?


P.S. Also i want to find out what scale the band In Flames uses most of the time so if anybody knows...
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well I wish I would have done this but I just memorized them. But it will greatly benefit you if you say the note your playing when you play it. Keep going up and down, saying... or even singing whatever note you are playing in the scale. Remember that a scale is not limited to a single spot on the fretboard, they can be played anywhere, and still sound great. Good Luck Mate!
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^ good call, that helps alot

good ways to practice scales are

going up and down constantly

+2 -1 +2 -1 etc etc (+2 being playing the next two notes of it then -1 being moving back a note in the scale)

when u get to the end of the scale -2 +1 -2 +1 etc etc etc

playing arpeggios of the scales (1 3 5 7 5 3 1)
example: C Minor would be C Eb G Bb G Eb C

the best thing for scales is trying to memorize them so that when you take ur hands off you see each and every note marked out mentally on the fretboard, then u can improvise, and write with that scale