Hey everyone, Im looking for a replacement pickup for my American strat, the bridge is a biut too noisy and flat for my liking.

Im looking for some reccomendations from long-time strat devotees to get the best true strat sound but with a slight higher output.

Any ideas?

im looking into this as well because i have a stock PRS SE with 3 single pickups thats all layed out like a strat guitar.

I was looking into these

everyone says they work and sound great but they are pricey...

note that im still new to guitar myself so i would look around some other boards as well.
urm hot rails maybe? EMG ones are cool too. or maybe you could try some of the fender pickups too, like lace sensors or something.
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^^ EMGs for traditional Strat tones? Interesting...

If you don't need noiseless, the Fender Texas Specials or a set of Stephens Designs custom-wounds would do you well. Lace Sensor Hot Golds if you want more of a punchy vintage sound.

If you want noiseless or stacked humbuckers, try the DiMarzio Virtual Vintage series. The HS series won't give you traditional Strat sounds. You can also check out Seymour Duncan's offerings, but with any stacked humbucker you're going to lose at least some of the traditional Strat sound. If you go Hot Rails or a DiMarzio Chopper, it'll just sound like a small humbucker, and you won't really retain the "Strat" tone.
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