Hi, im in a band called Tumbleweed Moment, we are planning on covering one, i can play the majority of the song until the end, with the solo and the fast playing, can anyone give me some advice, on how to learn the solo for example some scales that its based on and some effects i need. Thank you
practice it slow i love playing the solo at the end it takes time to learn and rememeber jsut take it slowly
I found that solo relatively easy, it's the rhythm guitar that required attention... Can you do the rhythm correctly?
Practice it to a metronome and make sure you can play it flawlessly because that, IMO, makes the song.
Also, don't do what I see a lot of bands doing and play the rhythm with only 4 gallops and an E5. It's meant to be 7 pick motions altogether.
Sorry If this doesn't help because it doesn't involve the solo but I think it's important.
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