ok this is an improvement on the last one as I said before but this time with a different thread title cause so it wont get closed

dont know genre its called jazzy thing but its not jazz its just that the lead is around blues scale

I tired to make it more simple and unify lead and rythm guitars did it work? what was good what was bad?

if its bad I might as well give up now cause that took me all of yesterday tabbing on guitar pro is annoying at times

guitar pro users please rate and I will rate yours though it has to be power tab cause every time I open somebody elses guitar pro it comes up as guitar pro 5 and I only have 4
jazzy thing improved.zip
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Its a bit of a mess. When each instrument is listened to individualy, theyre all great, but when all those instruments are together its a technical mess. The rythms and melodys dont go toghether. Dosent do anything for me.
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gaa might as well give up now then does anything work?
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Well the intro has a nice jazzy feel to it but the parts don't fit well together. I would suggest maybe spending more time on this and perhaps simplifying the rythmn. All the parts sounded nice on their own though. The chord sections I quite liked and were catchy. The percussion had a bit too much cymbol in my opinion. It was a good attempt, definately don't give up. I think it's a pretty good song just needs some work to get the different instruments sounding well together. There was parts that definately sounded great. Keep working at it.

EDIT: Also you seem to know what you're doing theory wise which is good, my first few songs were terrible sounding. The only bad thing is parts not fitting together well.
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thanks yeah I kind of tabbed the instruments without thinking about the big picture... yeah rythm is complex but thats because I always play rythm complex and spontaneously with lots of mutings I always have been a rythm player but I will try and unify the rythm I definately agree with you about the percussion but as I know nothing about drums the percussion is more for laying down a beat rather than being an essential part of the song if I ever got a band the drummer would make up his own stuff. XD theory wise I know a few scales and quite a few chords so I try to make something orginal... this often ends up in things being overly complicated and not fitting yeah I will keep working at it now
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