I am building the NPN boost with my dad as my first pedal project. I have all the parts for the project except for the potentiometer. The guy at Radioshack didn't grab it when he went through my list. So I have 2 500k pots sitting around. The project calls for 5k pots.

What would happen if I used a 500k pot in its place?

I can get the 5k pot but not right now.
...i dont think a 500k pot will be a good replacement for a 5k pot. it will change the sound a lot with such a big value change. Its taking the resistance of 5,000 which will let voltage and sound through, to 500,000 which will barely let sound through.
That is exactly what I was thinking. I am totally new so I don't understand it all. I just assumed it wasn't going to let anything through.
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yea ok. just get the 5k pots. which booster? The Electro Harmonix LPB-1?

Beginner Booster project on diystompboxes

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Dont use different pots.
The effect will not go right,and you have much less control range on tone/volume .