k so I want to know what are usual rates for shows? We are a 5 peice band, so after we split up we will probably have like 20 dollars?

There are different rates for house parties, clubs, events, festivals?
Tell me about your experience with getting money.

It will be different every where you pay. Ask when you set up the show, and get it all worked out before hand. Also it helps to play a big show for free to get on the bill (if you can't get on as a paid band) because it will get you some coverage, just don't overdo the free shows, if anything, get gas money.
List to myvaliantleap, but look at this example also:

I'm in two bands. One is an 6 piece all-originals band (TA) that never plays bars and only "rock shows" at universities, rec halls, etc. The other is 5-piece cover band (ADB9) that plays bars, does a 4 hour set, etc.

Typical show: $40-$100 No matter what the size of the crowd is. These places aren't bringing in much money since they are charging $5 to get in and 5 or 6 other bands are playing.

Private Parties: $100 for a 40 minute set.

Playing for Free: We will only do it if we have something to benefit from it. Before a major gig, we usually play for free at the university during an acoustic set to just recruit more people for that show. Also it's a good way to get free coffee.


Typical Show: $200-$500 for 4 sets 45 minutes each. If the place pays only $200, we demand free food and drink also. We played this one bar the other week where they paid us $200 & free food /drink and our food/alcohol bill was $350. They just wrote it off.

Private Parties: Haven't played any with them yet. But I would charge double for any private party. We might do one for a relative of the band. But then the tip jar comes with us.

Here's my biggest experience with making money gigging. You won't make any serious money unless you play covers in your area. If you can handle 4 hours on stage with covers and have awesome original material, you are in real good shape.
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Yeah, like Dutch said playing long cover sets in bars is the only real money you'll be seeing for awhile. I'm in a hardcore band, and right now we make enough money to pay for gas, and to save up for some good merch. Individually we don't get anything, it all goes to the "band account." But when your band is all you're ever really doing, it's okay. I doubt we'll get any of the cut to ourselves for a long time.
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I once took this class called Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry. In one of the first classes we wrote up an entire 6 month plan and used a rock band who plays covers and originals as the business model. We had it so the person would be gigging twice a week with the cover band, and once a week with the originals.. because your audience will get burnt out after a while in original's music. The situation was also that the band members had a semi-decent day time job.

When all was done, we found that you can make a serious living performing like that without the help of the day time job. Especially with Wedding bands. If I were in a wedding band. I would ask for at least $1,200 and up for the reception. Also my band has been toying with the idea of having some of us DJ as well. In my originals band, the plan was to have it so if someone hired a DJ who was a member of the band, you could get the band to play for less. That way, everyone is working, you get exposed, and everyone is making money. That's an ideal situation.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
my band get roughly nothing, we are an originals band and play local rock clubs and the such around my area, but they are not profit-hungry clubs, and most of the shows we play, its free to get in and just a couple of quid after about 10, or something around £3... there isnt really a large music following...theres one club we play that regularly brings in about 100-150 ppl on a thursday night, and another show that is on about 4 times a year that packs out the place at 250 ppl...

a couple of places offer free beer, and couple of smaller clubs offer a thing where you get paid on the amount of people you bring in, something like £2 per person after the 30th person or something.

tbh i think i just live in a ****ty place for gigging bands
my band plays for free, were just tryin to get our name out
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we play anywhere we can
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