first time ive seen a lp with floyd looks ok bit i think tune o matic looks better
ibanez rg 270

spider III 210
i think its hideous
its just not supposed to be
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That has a sustainer too, it's pretty cool. Looks like a really good metal guitar. Not really my style, though.

And yeah, you could still have a carved top, you'd just have to cut away the bridge area.
Ha, i've had that guitar as my background picture for months, i just haven't been bothered to change it. I love going to that shop, they have some good stuff and are only 45 minutes from me.

I'm hoping to get guy there that did that to install a killswitch, sustainiac, and some other fancy stuff into my prestige RG in the near future.
Neal Shlon sp? of Journey had a model made for him with a FR. Maybe this is it.. There was a road to Sturgess special on VH1 classic with him playing the National Anthem on it. Its around $10,000 I beleive..
When i get rich, im gonna get a gibson LP made to look like this

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When i get rich, im gonna get a gibson LP made to look like this

judging by that picture i would say it shouldnt top 3000usd max really
i would kill 12 people for that les paul
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manliest string guage? barbed wire.

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