Ok, so I've read quite a few biographies and the one thing thats very common is that they had the top of the line gear in their early days (Gibson, fenders, top of the line drum kits, marshall amps)

It seems most bands have the best equipment before even getting a record deal.

I would love to know where the hell they get the money from.
You always hear rock guitarists sayin they jus played their guitar all day and never worked.... so where did the money come from to buy the best gear?

I guess I am a litte jealous.
I work full time and still can't afford what I want. (PRS, Marshall stack, a few Ibanez')

Plug in and let rip

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As far as ive heard this isnt the case, take maiden for example, they were working whilst doing gigs and yes they did have good guitars but i mean they were nothin special. They got a lot of their money from doing gigs and getting more popular therefore getting more and more money but i mean with equipment and all and paying bills they are basicly broke. Plus selling demos and stuff like that.
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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