I have a Jackson with the licensed floyd rose on it and i was just wondering if there was someway i could like the tremelo so it wouldnt move while im playing
yep you place a block of wood in the trem cavity limiting the movement of the trem from bending up and down though you gotta measure the gap between the trem block and the cavity when the bridge is parallel to the body
Ooorrrr you could just revise your technique a little bit, and then keep the tremolo the way it was made so you can use it. I know it's hard not to be lazy but it pays off. I tried out a Charvel EVH at Sam Ash that was used, and someone had done this to it, and I was like WTF at the thought that someone would just rather render a tremolo useless as opposed to learning how to play with one. It's really ISN'T that hard. I played on fixed bridge guitars for awhile before I got my own, about 6 months after I started playing, and when I got an Ibanez RG with a Floyd-Rose I played it and noticed I had to change my picking had position, and I did and it's fine. Now I don't even wrest my wrist on fixed bridges anymore.
We're only strays.