They're huge here in Toronto, that's where they're from. Aside from the single which I love, also check out Possession, Beg, The Tease and Stop and Say You Love Me.
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Haha, I love them. I just saw them last week in Philly with Breaking Benjamin. They are okay live, not quite as good as the cd though.

I love Over, which they told me was going to be their next single.
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I saw them live with Trapt/Shinedown a couple weeks back. It was a great show.

It was funny though because this one guy who didn't like them kept jumping around going "FUCK CANADA!" the whole time their set was going on.
They're pretty big her in Ontario, not sure bout anywhere else. I like them so mush, the first three tracks on their album are the best. They're touring 'round the states so they must be pretty popular elsewhere. Their song "A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed" is by far my favourite song.