lots of distortion, high treble, bridge humbucker, heavy pick = best combination. I find it the easiest to do them on the G string, 4th to 8 th fret. Just hit the string heavily with the pick, but hold it in a way that your finger is on the level of the pick's tip and merely touch the string with your finger after hitting it with the pick
good luck
Try that lesson again. It explains everything perfectly.
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Oh, and patience, some people, including me, needed a long time to "master" them
(I can do them about everywhere on the neck, but I dont consider myself a master)
they're easiest to do 'em Zakk Wylde verse style on 2nd, 3rd or 5th fret on low E
thats how i started 'em, it takes a long time though
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ah one thing i finally found out how to do them a few days ago pick by the middle pickup (if u have one on that area) or humbucker i think its called a sweetspot but yeah i get them by the middle single coil on my guitar
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Do you have to pick the string in a certain spot?

I find it a pain because I have a Les Paul, and when Im playing I pick in the middle of the 2 humbuckers, but when I want to do a pinch harmonic, I have to pick up closer to the neck over the humbucker to get the harmonic.

Is this the right way to do them?
I had some trouble with them as well so I looked up a few videos on youtube and googlevideo ,actually seeing someone do it is usually much more helpfull than just reading how to do it.
Its a pain though because its hard to do it smoothly when you have to change where you pick the string.
1st off,a treble tone with distortion does help.I've found that a good sweet spot is about an inch or two from the neck,but you get all different tones across the pickups.
Choke up on your pick,less than 1/4in exposed,and allow just "a touch"of the side of your thumb,as you pick the note.you're kinda snapping down at the string.
Once you get the hang of it,you can even do the on an acoustic! I,m not kidding!
you want to hit the string wherever 12 spaces away is from the fret that you are on.

when you get high up on the neck, you will be picking closer to the neck pickup.

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no you just pick a note but u have 2 pick the sweet spot. so if you are side picking the 2nd fret on the high e string. pick above the neck pick up. i don't know if this helped you. i just learned how 2 do it 2 days ago from a worker at guitar center
I find it easiest to do it on the a string 7th fret.*nods*
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isn't it actually "touching" the string? not pinching?
thats how i kinda learned it... but im not sure :p im noobie
It's basically what it says a pinch harmonic, you have to hit the string and let your thumb lightly touch it as you pick.

high treble + gain helps also where you pick changes the harmonic
Quote by ECistheBest
isn't it actually "touching" the string? not pinching?
thats how i kinda learned it... but im not sure :p im noobie

I didn't mean literally pinching it. they're called pinch harmonics, so I just refer to them in verb form as pinching.