Ok, I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half, and I've been trying to learn theory, along with some help from this website. :] But I had a question about scales, because I've heard people say that scales help you compose music as well, how do you do it? Do you use the scale as something to go by and make something out of it? I'm really new at theory, so i thought maybe someone on here could help me out. I've also heard people ask things like," I want to make death metal, what scale should I use," and things like that, or somewhat along those lines, so if you could please help me, I would appreciate it much. And if you can, i know it may be alot, you don't have to, but if you can, then it'd help, ALOT, give me an example of how you would use a scale to compose music. :] Okay, thanks for taking the time to help.
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Hey dude, thanks a freaken lot, haha. I've had that in my mind for about three months now, and i've never had anyone care enough to give me a good reply or found a place to ask it, :] But I think I have one, well, two more questions that are bugging me horribly, and that's it. But this helped, alott. hah, so ok, let me c, so there are certain scales that can sound good for certain genres, so when i learn them, i can use them to put the notes in it together, to make something that sounds like that genre? :]
VideoGoogle for 'melodic control' by Marty Friedman. I'm pretty sure that bangoodcharlote has posted the link to it in one of those threads, but meh
Probs best to see if you can get a teacher and like go through a music board if you wanna learn theory. I've been playing viola for like 10 years now and started guitar about a year and a half ago so I kinda had some theory backing with that, but to be honest you could probably get away with just learning off tabs and practice practice practice But if u ever wanna get into jazz then seek professional advice! :P
Good luck dude.
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EDIT: did you know you can't color links??? I just learned that.

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And Melodic Control is a great video. Watch it and learn.