Alright, the time has come to add a new axe to my collection. And right now im feelin' the Epiphone Casino. I've had a lust for awhile, but i've never gotten the chance to pick one up, which is rather dissapointing.

So, what are your guys opinions on it? The music I play is mostly blues, soul and blues/rock, but I enjoy a lot of music. Think - Albert King, Freddie King, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Motown, etc. Mostly '60s and '70s shit.
Does the Casino fit my interests well? I hardly ever use a lot of gain, so no worries with the whole it being a full hollow thing.

What do you guys think?
(And dont tell me to just go play one, I already plan on doing that before I whip out my wallet).

And just a quick question on Agiles, how are the AL-2500 models? I know the AL-3000's are the way to go, but I just need to have one of these to fit mah Noel Gallagher obbsession.
So, with a pickup change, would it be a swell axe? I would not be able to play one before I buy, but knowing Agile and Rondo's policy's, I have no worries.

I have one and it's my favorite guitar I've ever played. My only complaint is the feedback, but you should be fine as long as you're not using ass-blasting distortion. The clean tone is biblical. up the treble and you will have THE quintessential Beatle tone. I cannot stress enough how perfectly crystal clear and chimey that sound is. Put on some overdrive and you'll have a nice Tommy-era Pete Townshend bite, thanks to the p-90s. It's so light you can play for hours and hours and never get tired, and the neck just melts into your hand. Seriously, go out and buy it like right now. So much mojo for such a relatively low price, it would be a sin to leave it.
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i like the look of the agile and with a pickup change i think it would be great
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^Already have a Sheraton in my house. Its not mine, but the option is still there.

As for the Casino, it sounds like its the perfect machine. All I play and use really is clean, so I really need that. But I do kick in my 808 a lot too, but nothing to0 heavy, think ZZ Top - Zeppelin at the most. Will that give me that un-wanted feedback?

Also, Voodoo Child, I was checking out your bands website. First off, fantastic stuff. But, is that the Casino being used on those videos for Wind Cries Mary, and Day Tripper? Also, on your myspace, do all tracks have the Casino on them?

And dude, you gotta hook me up with a picture of yours too.

As for the Agile, I by no means have interest in the AL2800. I dislike the finishes among other things. Im really only shooting for this AL2500 because I love that Union Jack finish. Noel Gallagher baby.
If I wanted the real deal, I'd go for a AL3000 Goldtop. Which I will, eventually.
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How can you not like that?

Even though blue is my favorite color, I really just cant get into that quilt. And the black hardware is a total turn off. Plus it has different pickups, which dont fit me.

And I wish I could find one of the old Noel Gallagher signature Epiphones, but they only usually come up on Ebay, which I dont use.
Casinos are really nice sounding guitars when paired with a nice valve amp, full and really nice sounding, make sure you try one though, and also give Rivieras and Sheratons a try too, see what you think of them aswell.
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Paired with say a Fender Blues Junior, '79 Super Reverb, late '60s Bandmaster, mid '60s Tremolux, and a Bluesbreaker reissue?

Not too big on Mini-humbuckers, so I dont know about a Riviera. And I enjoy my dad's Sheraton quite much. But im lusting after the Casino.

Nice location, by the way.
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Paired with say a Fender Blues Junior, '79 Super Reverb, late '60s Bandmaster, mid '60s Tremolux, and a Bluesbreaker reissue?

You complete bastard! All them good amps..... argh!!! Mind... "lending" one to me?
How's the Bluesbreaker?

And if you can tell, my location is Manchester..... not many people get that link.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30