I have been playing seriously for a bout a year now.

But now i dont seem to be getting any better. I practice all the time but i dont really have anything to practice.

Whenever i try to improvise i end up just going up and down the scales and my solos sound the same every time and i cant play fast.

Does anyone know how to help me get started again?
Well, I can give you some random advice, or ask some questions so you'll get some specific advice

1. Do you have a teacher?
2. What dó you know?
3. What style of music do you listen to/want to play? (Those don't have to be the same)
everybody hits this point at sometime....

just try learning your favourite songs, get some inspiration, go watch some live bands, try broadening your musical taste, listen to different bands, learn their songs,

learn something that seems challenging, or sounds really cool, so once you have learned it you will have a confidence boost...

dont worry, as long as you dont give up you can pass this point easily
1.Yes i have a teacher
2. I dont know??? i can play alot of easy stuff, and solos that arent to fast.
3. Rock mostly, but im open to anything.
Try learning solos from songs you like and practce them. That's what I did. It works as long as you have enough material.
Ya i know, but some stuff i just cant play...

Like is there anything i can play to improve my improvision and speed. (im not wanting to shred) Just stuff like paradise city from guns n' roses.
Well, you can always ask your teacher for advice, explain him what your problem is (or even print out this thread! He can expand upon the advice given here) and he'll surely give you some advice!

Well, I'm not really into rock, but from my point of view (and I really don't mean this negative, sorry if it seems so!) it's pretty simple most of the time. Mostly I-IV-V progressions with some riffs thrown in. This can be a good thing, as it's not too confusing.

The basic rock song has a solo which is in the pentatonic minor scale. Do you know what that is? Do you know how to contruct it on all the places of the fretboard and how to move around on it? With knowing I mean: Not having to think about it anymore! Know, for example, if you play a C in the key of Aminor pentatonic that it's the b3 of that scale! Don't just know the theory of it.. Know how it sounds! Just let someone else (or make a backing track) play just an Aminor chord and play all the notes of the scale over it. Know how they sound! If you do this often enough (couple of minutes a day) you'll begin to know in advance how the notes will sound. THAT is what you want to know!

Ehmm.. If you already know the pentatonic minor scale, just advance to the major and minor scale. If you know those, step into modes. Also, don't neglect your chording abilities

And ehm.. With love from bangoodcharlote: http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=5777562536751428345&q=melodic+control

Edit: I totally forgot this! Learn to play some songs you totally like! Your favourite songs, so to say Analyse them (you know theory, don't you? If not, another point to take to your teacher) and see what makes them sound good!
Yeah this happened to me too, all I would do is go around the neck playing random power chords, just look for some inspiration, and maybe try learning a new genre? It's like opening a whole new world. Also, maybe start writing songs? with lyrics and everything? That could keep you entertained. Good luck mate.
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