Poll: In a band, can the bassist also do lead vocals?
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Yes, it makes no difference
213 97%
No, that is heresy!
6 3%
Voters: 219.
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Can a bassist be a lead singer in a band? I think so, if they are good at singing. It's just dumb to say that the lead vocals has to play guitar, or not play a physical instrument at all.

(I hope this is in the right thread)
who said they can't? just listen to Rush :O
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*cuk yeah! i think thats a lot better than one of the guitarisy being the vocalist...i dont know why though.....?
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lol in my band the bassist is the singer...
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Wasnt Paul Mcartney a lead singer and the bassist for the beatles? I think they'd be a pretty good example...
Two words- Phil Lynott

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I was hoping to be the one to say Geddy Lee, Lemmy, McCartney, and Claypool... who's left...

Mark Hoppus!

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Wasnt Paul Mcartney a lead singer and the bassist for the beatles? I think they'd be a pretty good example...
Paul and John sang. They didn't really have on lead singer.

Actually, they all sang at some point.

Anyway, it makes no difference what instrument the singer plays.
the lead vocals can do whatever the hell they want
there aren't any rules for bands, just do whatever feels good
and play from the heart
i was gonna say more, but i just got pepsi on my keyboard, so i'm cut short
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Phil Lynott
Roger Waters
Jack Bruce
Geddy Lee
Les Claypool
Paul McCartney

And certainly many others. Not to mention the many, many bass players that provide backup vocals. So in short, playing bass and singing is perfectly acceptable.
i don't doubt that it's possible, just not always probable. It really depends on what the bassist id playing
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who said they can't? just listen to Rush :O

Very bad example hah. He looks like a bird and sounds like a girl sometimes.
Although i do like rush.
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Tom Araya (Slayer), Geddy Lee (Rush), Les Claypool (Primus), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Jack Bruce (Cream), Mark Hoppus (blink-182), Paul McCartney (The Beatles), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and David Vincent (Morbid Angel) all did lead vocals and bass duty for their respective bands.
Sure... The Starting Line does it. I don't see why not, a singer is a singer.
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can't believe no ones mentioned Mark Hoppus from Blink 182, i would think he would be one of the best known ones

they didnt mention blink because they would be so ashamed and embarassed in calling blink 182 a real band
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what about the lead singer being the drummer?

Taylor hawkins and the coattail riders - Taylor hawkins.

And for bass, Nick Oliveri did quite a bit of singing for Qotsa, and has his own band - mondo generator for which he sings.
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Yeah man, bassists can be the lead singers! Check out Zyklon for example:
Just look at Motorhead and Lemmy Kilmister. They ****in rock and he plays bass and sings. case closed.
Quote by ShizNick
what about the lead singer being the drummer?

prob wouldn't work. i've seen them as backups, but never lead. that just doesn't make sense. their drum-work would be **** so that they could sing good or vice versa. so imo, that's not a good setup.
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Roger Waters
Jack Bruce
Geddy Lee

Those three names are proof enough that bass players can be lead vocals. They also make it seem like bass players make the best vocalists.
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