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21 70%
9 30%
Voters: 30.
Close call, both were awesome.
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both were sick, but i didnt like the tone on coolvoertex, gj to both
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I feel sorry for the drummer, he gets stuck with a guitarist who can't hold a rhythm to save his life and a vocalist in the middle of a heavy-flow month.
vortex you can vote for yourself! i doesn't matter haha, but i accidentally voted for myself
As in, gobias a cup of coffee
doesn't matter a lot though.... you're kicking my ass as I predicted though. I liked the harmony a lot in your recording too... that fast part is really cool
i just like to vote so i can see the poll right off, thanks man, i thought my trem picking was very cliche though, so i had to harmonize it
As in, gobias a cup of coffee
coolvortex- dude i loved the tone awesome solo man, very hammett-esque at some parts, loved the harmonies, and i think i heard a bit of tapping somewhere in there

Shredzorz- Awesome job man, yours was pretty intense and the harmonized part near the end was sick man, sounded like something cacophony would have done

I will have to go with shredzors mainly because his was more shredzy, but coolvortex had u incorporated some sweep picking and crazy alternate picking somewhere in there, the outcome may have been very different...

great job both of u guys u are very talented!!!
shreddy just had a better solo, cool had a cool harmonizing part, but I wasn't a huge fan of cool's playing style, I went with shreddy on this one
gram are you refering to the nonstop run at the end, or what exactly?
As in, gobias a cup of coffee