I think it should work, the manual shows a guitar plugging directly in, and they recommend using a preamp with a speaker sim on it, so I don't see why it wouldn't work being line level. The part that confuses me though, is the (4) 1/4" balanced inputs. Normally from what I know, unless it's servo balanced, I don't think you are supposed to use unbalanced connectors. They show a guitar going directly into the 1/4" jacks though, so dunno.

Another option is using your line out on the Spider, and then using a 1/4" to RCA adapter, so you could go directly into the "Tape In" on the keyboard amp. That input should work fine with yout line out on the spider.
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^ That would work perfectly. The Spiders Direct Out already a Speaker sim on it. If your gonna get that, why not just trade in the spider for a Pod?
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Thanks for the help i wouldnt get much for my amp, they just dropped the prices to 200 dollars. And i would like to line it out at band practice, keep the keyboard amp there, and just use the amp that i have at home. Plus i think i blew the speaker on my amp. Soo