I'm confused about the gt-8
I am considering of buying one,
so i started reading reviews and the threads about it on this forum.
But they they always mention something about the amps.
It seems to be that you don't even need an amp or that it will become useless
I think..
it's making me confused
Can someone explain this properly to me?
You can use your GT-8 with your amp. Some people like to plug through tube amps to get the warmth, natural compression, volume, and just general feel. Some just run it with their amps. You can use the four-cable-method (basically just running your gt-8 through the effects loop) if you want your amps natural tone.

The amps that it talks of are amp simulations. It has different kinds and such. I have a GT-6. It's nearly the same way. But in the GT-8 you can blend patches which is way different.

Really you don't need an amp if you plug directly into the PA. Just go into a d/i box, and your good to go. Programming the patches for the PA is a little tough though.
But is it so that the amp patches will even make a crappy amp sound good?
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Sound better? That's subjective. But you certainly get good tones going direct to a sound board or your computer. It's verstile with a capital V and getting lots of good press.
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If you're just practicing at home, ditch the amp if it's one of those starter 10 watters and use headphones/computer speakers. :P

You'll get the purest tone from them. If you want a nice amp to compliment your GT-8, get a keyboard amp or a small portable PA system. I believe the Roland KC-350s are over 100 watts, which will be plenty for gigging/band practice, and they're very reliable.
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sgwhathisname has it good, comp speakers are awesome

my guitar instructor, when he uses an electric instead of an acoustic, plays a fender mexi strat through a digitech genesis 3 processor (not too sure what it is) and plays on a couple little computer speakers. sounds awesome
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Whats the difference between the GT-6 and GT-8? I have a GT-6, is there a huge difference between the two?

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