Just curious to see how your band sets up during practices. i.e. where amps go, drums go etc.
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All the amps are facing the drummer, going around the front of his kit with space in between. Why does everyone ask this question?
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Well our band has no drummer, so we usually just get into a circle and it's me and the other guitarist facing each other (with amps) then the singer and Bassist opposite. And we set the PA speakers in b/t me and the bassist, and the other guitarist and the singer. So all the sound kind of hits in the middle. I dont know if it's good or not but it doesnt sound too bad.
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the drummer with hiis back to the wall and we (guitarists) are infront and 90 degrees to the left, in a small room
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Now you're going to hear the ultimate setup! NOT! we also have all the amps facing the drums and stand in the middle. I have my behringer the other guitarist has his marshall AVT and our base player has he's behringer and. oh we sing trough a cube
We use this massive big barn thing with everyone in quite a large circle...its good as the acoustics work out pretty well.
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we stand pretty much in a line and the drummer behind, all our amps behind us, we practice in gig setup mode, helps us stay relaxed throughout gigs etc. because its familiar
We set up all facing the center with our amps across from us. So my amp is directly in front of me like 6 feet away, and our bass players amp is in front of him and so on. That way we all hear a larger sound wave from our own amp. We use to set up standing directly infront of our own amps and had some issues with our lead guitarist just blasting so loud nobody could hear. He said it was because he couldnt hear himself. Move the amp out infront of him so he could hear what we were hearing and problem solved. Much cleaner band practice now. O PA speakers always directed back to me, the singer
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we kind of get in a circle with amps facing our drummer.
We play in my cellar which is no bigger than around 4 meters by 4 meters!! Honestly!!!!
We have only practiced with 10 watts of amps and i got a 100 watt last weekend so next band prac in the 4x4 should be interesting!!

Ok so we have a kinda, mini studio in my drummer's basement. He has his drums set up kinda in the corner and right next to the wall. We set up two of those foam sound proof things around the drums so we don't have to deal with the volume problem. Then to his left on the other wall, we've got a Polytone amp and a Fender Reverb for keyboardists and guitarists to plug in to. To the left of the amps, we've got a computer with the recording **** and all. And if a guitarist forgets to bring his pedals, we can plug it into this computer and have it then go from the computer to the amp so we can put in all the effects on the computer.

Going in a clockwise motion here, next comes the keyboard. Which faces away from the amps so he can see the rest of the band. The guitarists stand infront of the keyboardist. The bassist stands next to the drummer. It's kinda of a circle. Haha.

One mic is set up infront of the keyboardist for him to sing. The guitarist gets one setup infront of him. The bassist gets a mic. And the drummer has a wireless mic.

We've also got two monitors. One facing the drummer. And one between the guitarist and keyboardist.

Mmk I'm done haha.
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All the amps go under a table near the plug sockets, keyboardist sitting in front of them with durms right next the them, just leaving enough room foor us to move about just a tad lol. Its a very small room for five people, plus theres far too much junk in there
All Amps Vertically facing drummer and all of guitar and bass player more like a circle

Kinda like a surrond sound

The Mic amp is In the Back of all the insterment amps facing directly towards us

Bass Amp Directly on Solid Floor so we can feel what We play.
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Well, I'm the only one who sets up, because everyone else is too damn lazy! well, the bass player sets up his stuff, but i have to set up everything else. Well we are usually in a small room. We put the drums on the far wall. The bass and guitar amp facing the drum, and the one pa speaker we have on the side wall facing the opposite wall that has nothing on it.
We play in a garage. Drummer at the back end in the middle, my amp in the from right corner, other guitarist's amp in the front left corner, and the bassists amp is halfway up the one wall facing more towards the drummer.

Once we get a PA, I assume one speaker will be behind the drummer, and one will be on the side wall and/or the front wall.
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