Say, I want to buy a bass, anyone have a good site where I could browse through different gear, prices, and so on?
Don't fancy going to the musicshop just yet... might get tempted into buying something I don't want.

Thanks ahead.

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You ain't ever gonna find the one if you can't even be assed to go to a music shop.
You can't tell how much you like an instrument from browsing an online store. You will have to try hundreds of basses to find the "one" that is for you. I still havn't found my one. Every time I think I find the one, I find another bass I like more.

This is a question that should have been googled. If all you are looking for are online music stores, then type in google "online music store.
SamAsh, Musiciansfriend, Music123, zzSounds, GAK, etc. are just a few.

If this is all you were looking for, I'm going to close the thread.

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You ain't ever gonna find the one if you can't even be assed to go to a music shop.

How's that?

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What are you specifically looking for?

Well... this has been answered for thousands of times here, so I thought I wouldn't bother with this, but if you insist...
Looking for a good cheap bass guitar to start out with, since I'm almost never played it before, but the one time I did, I loved it.
Cheap but not cheap-ass.

So I'll be looking for Ibanez's and Squire's, I know... just want to check out different models, since I'm willing to bet there's more than one Ibanez and more than one Squire .
Once I've narrowed down my choice I'll venture to the shop and pick something that I like for its sound/appearance/something else...
What I want I've got figured out... just doing research before rushing into things.

if anything go used
i dont trust new cheap instruments
i bought some cheap yamaha hss guitar for like 130 and its dying on me (input very loose, pickup selector not working for the single coils) and its only been about a year. i would expect more longevity then a year because i bought a Cort Pbass with a J bridge for like 125 used and have had it for almost 2 yeat and nothing is really that wrong.
and a word of caution when buying used, dont go to guitar center because their used stuff sucks
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Well. I've had a Squier P-Bass for a while now, and it has worked just fine. I've gigged, practiced, and rehearsed with it. It's never failed to do it's job. And it plays nicely.