Yep, I have started working on a guitar with my own body-design.
The wood im using is mahogny...or how the hell you spell it.
Gonna go with a EMG 81 pickup (i have a viper 400 so i know I like those pickups)
and yes, I got pictures

Please let me know what you think of it

The Begining.

The Shape.

After some sanding and primer it looked like this.

Took a while but I got the neck.

and this is where I am right now.

And this is where it will end? I hope not.
The thing is, I dont have any holes for electronics and I dont really know how the hell im suposed to do that.
I had a dude who said he could help me (he has watched over this project and pointed me in the right directions) but now I dont know where the hell he is

I dont want do screw up now so what should I do?

oh, and im from sweden so if i misspelled something, please dont run and get your flamethrowers
thats one sic bloody guitar man thats well good
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That is so awesome.
that's going to come out a really awesome guitar.
you could make a guitar company!
you could make millions!
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use a router to do all the pickup holes and cavities and such.
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