Heres my newest one. it covers many genres. Its probably the best of my work and the one ive put the most work into. Crit4Crit
Unsteady Grounds2.zip
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First off I really liked the intro except for one part. In staff 9 the grouping of 16th notes doesnt really fit for me, it seems like im just being attacked, its so sudden and so fast im not sure what happened. Also in staff 38 I really dont think you should use 32nd notes with a tempo of 180. All the notes just blob together and make a very unpleasent noise, that could be what you want and if so you can just ignore me. My favorite part was staff 57, i thought that was awesome. Overall I thought it was really good except for the 32nd notes that are in the tempo of 180, but that just could be me. Crit mine please.