i just bought a beautiful new gibson es 335 guitar from guitar center. A few days after my purchase my low e string started to act funny. When i held my guitar vertical the low e sounded find, but when i held it horizontal and started to play it, the low e sounded as if it was hitting something sort of buzzing, but it wasnt hitting any of the frets of anything and i cant figure out what it is. So i was wondering if any of ya know what the is happening? cause i cant figure it out
is it hitting the pickups?
is it securely in the little thing on the head of the guitar? the string thru bridge?
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Check and make sure the string is on the saddle properly or raise the action slightly. Could also just be a bad string. Gibson guitars come with Gibson strings, which I have found flimsy and very unreliable. Hope it helps.
shake the guitar, make sure nothing is loose.

is the buzz just acoustic or thru the amp?

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I wouldn't worry about it then... unless your guitar is in killzone mode, otherwise it'll mean people die.

On a serious note, if it's just acoustic, don't worry. It's not going to affect your plugged tone.
you should get it set up
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yeh the strings on my epi les paul buzz when i play it not plugged in but its fine played through an amp
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Don't just play it through your amp not worrying about it, it maybe be killing your tone and sustain. Take it to get it set up, and tell the shop your problem.
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I'd wait for a bit before getting it set up. It could just need 'playing in'.

I'd leave it for a while and allow the guitar time to 'settle' into it's new enviroment.

Changing the strings is a good idea if you haven't already tried that.