I have found some fx pedals and wondering if some could help me out with a few questions i have:
1. Is the line6 crunchtone any good? Can it create metal like sounds?
2. Is the Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion any good?
3. Which one is better the line6 crunchtone or the boss DS-2
4. Is the jim dunlop cry baby wah any good?
5. Why are so many behringer fx pedals so cheap. Are they any good. I found the Behringer-UM100 (creates metal sound) for £20 is that any good?
6. I also found Behringer-HB01-Hellbabe any good?

If none of them r good can some 1 suggest some distorion pedals within aroudn about the same price range as the line6 and vox. And aslo if any could suggest a better 'wah' pedal for about the same price as the jim dunlop.

yes, the ds-2 is an AWESOME distortion pedal
behringer hall babe is a sucky wah
behringer are cheap because they are made of plastic and are copies of boss pedals at a cheaper price
theyre the epiphone of effect pedals kinda
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Behringers are cheaply made. Thats why they are cheap. The Boss DS-2 is pretty good I guess. Vox wahs (Vox V847 or Vov V848 Cylde McCoy) are much nicer than Dunlops IMO.