I posted this in the recordings section but there are hardly any people viewing that section and it got no replies so now it's here :\ it's sort of in the right place

I just finished learning Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani so it's a little sloppy and there are some parts I can't pull off until my Ibanez comes next week as I need a floating bridge but here you go anyway

I'll record it again next week when I have my new guitar and I've hopefully cleaned it up a bit.
Nice, I been wanting to learn that song, but the tab i saw was such a mess. (i like the spaced out ones which make it easy to read )

Also how do you do that real fast tapping part near frets 21 and 22, is it pick taping?
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Shouldn't this be in the Riffs and Recordings forum?

Anyway, congrats on the song, and congrats on the new guitar. What type is it? I'm forever hearing good things about Ibanez.