its good dude but it would sound cooler if it was called good mourning sunshine
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Fallout boy with Tom Delonge on vocals would be the ultimate supergroup

you my friend, are an idiot
it's great quality....the keyboard (i'm guessing that's what the lead is???) sounds great in the intro, the drum beat is good....this really is similar to floyd...your voice is on pitch but perhaps a bit too soft on some parts...like it never really gets stronger from the initial lyrics.....and i would definitely say this song is in great need of a small solo...however, all the things i noticed are just things to spice up the song, i think you definitely have a good thing going with this though, and it's a great job!....crit me?

Nice and mellow introw, i like the laid-back singing. I agree that the vox should build up a little or some harmonizing on the second verse, I think that would sound awesome. Great song tho I really enjoyed it, Laid-back and uplifting at the same time.
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