I have looked on the internet for some fx pedals and have a few questions I'd like to ask every one:
1. Is the line 6 crunchtone any good?
2. Is the Boss DS-2 turbo distortion any good?
3. Out of the Boos and the Line6 which pedal should i get?
4. Is the jim dunlop cry baby any good

I was wondering why soem of the behringer pedals where so cheap so my 5th question is:

5. Why are behringer so cheap?

I found some of their cheap pedals and want to know

6. Is the behringer-um100 any good (makes metal sound)
7. Is the behringer-hb01-hellbabe any good ('wah')

If none of them are any good coudl some one please tell me of a distortion pedal that costs around the same as the boss and line6. Also if some one has found a good 'wah' pedal for around the same price as the jim dunlop

thank you
the jim dunlop is an amazing wah pedal. if its good enough for hendrix, then its good enough for me.
the ds-2 is the same as ds-1 but you can pick between differnt sounds i belive.
I would just go with the ds1 its lik $40.
The bheringer are ok their so cheap cause they hav a crappy casing.