Hi all,

Iv been looking in to this issue, about a week ago i created a thread about the Yamaha Pacifca, its a begginers guitar and recived praise from nearly everyone who posted.

And know im look at the Lp Special II, heres the link

It looks like an alright guitar to me, it costs the same as a Squier, but alot better, the neck is made of mahogany and rosewood, and the body of alder and maple. Not too bad, unlike a Agathis Squier. Its also fitted with 2 humbuckers AND a tune-o-matic bridge, all for £112.

If you ask me thats one hell of a deal. What do you guys think?
epiphones are alright but i wouldnt get one you should go ibanez
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When under the description it says

"-super affordable"

It basicly means

"-looks good on paper, but is really ****"

Least thats what ive learned...I dont know anything else about it though, that just looked like a really lame "description"...
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p.o.s... dont buy
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I have one. That's the first guitar I bought. I've played many Ibanezes, Squiers, Fenders.... Ugh. Don't remind me of the Squiers or the Ibanezes.

If the Ibanez isn't at least 500$, it's going to be awful(unless it's an Artcore). Squiers are never good.... The Yamaha Pacifica is fine, if you want single coil pickups.

Anyway, I've gigged with my LP II, and believe me, with some good equipment, it sounds fine. It definitely a beginner's guitar, but there aren't many as good as this. It was actually good enough to keep me slogging forward. When it was in the shop, I borrowed a friend's Ibanez, and I could barely play guitar for about a week, it was so lame. And it was a stinkin' 400$ model! Ugh....
It's just like any other guitar. People can and will say "They suck" or "they're great" because of 1-2 experiences with them. You can get a great one or a terrible one. The one I have been using for years is great.
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I think that they're good beginner guitars, but I've only played a friend's a few times, so don't take my word for it.
Yeah. Mine is such a PoS its not funny. And I don't think its a real Tune-o-Matic/
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bolt on neck, sucky pups, horrible woods, pretty much everything that makes an LP desireable is negated.
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