I just bought a new acoustic at the weekend and it is a lovely guitar. However I can't figure out whether I am getting used to the action on it or not.
I used to play a 12 string, which was strung with only 6 strings and I find that the action on it was alot lower.
Therefore I am asking, I am just getting accustomed to my new 6 string or do you think I will need to lower the action.
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uh, it depends. I played an electric for 3 years and then got an acoustic; it drove me crazy. But after a month or so I got used to the action and I could play comfortably. Oh, as long as the strings won't buzz, lower your acoustic as far as you can.
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Is lowering it essential? I am just wary - can it damage the sound or anything? And when you said it drove you crazy was that after you had the action lowered (if you did have it lowered)?
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you don't have to lower it, and if it you lower it too much, then it can screw up your guitar, but you can always replace the bridge. i lowered mines after 4 months since i was having toruble doing barre chords.