i like my guitar's tone at the moment (yes, i was the moron who said he was a bedroom guitarist that didnt know tone...but ive been experimenting and learning...i recognise tone now! )

...anyways...ive got this Boss GE-7 equalizer pedal that has been in my set up for some time, and now that i udnerstand tone, im struggling to get a decent use for it in my effects loop.

As most of you know, im a big CKY nut (well, duh?! *points at username and avatar*) but would anyone offer some advice on where i could place this pedal and what settings i could use to get this sound? (and tweak it enough to make it my own, obviously)

here are my current pedals and stuff:


Laney LX65R - I love this amp to bits; how clear it sounds...everything about it i love.
Currently set to Bass = 7, Mids = 6, Treble = 8-9 on clean, with no reverb (sometimes Reverb at 2-3)

Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion (set too lowish gain and highish distortion, with a slight lift in tone and bottom.)

Boss OC-3 Octaver (Set to poly with the range to the top)

Marshall Regenerator (use Chorus, Multi Chorus and Flanger settings mainly)

and then the Boss NS-2 and Boss TU-2 to keep stuff quiet and in tune...


Thanks for any advice guys really appreciated muchly
usually placed after the distortion pedal and you can use it as a boost pedal(by only raising the level slot) or I shape it as a U with the middle ones below the 0 so I get a scooped mid tone, or shape it as an inverted U so I get a nice slayer like tone, yours to decide what you likeÉ(you can also play an note and move a slider until you like the sound
Iv just bought the ge7 aswell. Still experimentin. Iv found if u put it in a smily face shape with middles bellow 0 you get a good metal sound. This also reduces feedback. Boost the lower ones to get a good deep sound. boosting the middle ones gives a more classick rock sound. I play with a epi les paul which suits these settings. Try it out.
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So my best bet would be Distortion > EQ > Octave > Chorus?

EDIT: Idea! I could take the smily face and up the midds slighty...creating a W

try it, but it will create more feedback and I don't think it sounds that good
just tried it...doesnt sound that bad really...

settings on EQ are:

100 = 5
200 = 5
400 = -5
800 = 0
1.6k = -5
3.2k = 5
6.4k = 5
Level = -5

EDIT: the distortion sounds quite crisp, and the octave stands out slighty...sounds perfect to me thanks peeps
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