Hi, Does anyone have any good slash lessons? Im looking fo rsomething to cover his soloing style, and basically everything else he does.
Pretty good video lessons @ http://freelicks.net/SLASH.htm . They walk you through a few solos note by note. O.K., now you have to help me. I want to know of a good, melodic, slash solo to learn that's pretty fast pace. I can play Sweet Child o Mine, and November rain, but I want something a little more advanced. Thanks, rock and rule.

Seriously dude, what's a good song?
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The outro solo for Paradise City is pretty fast. I also recommend knockin on heaven's door.
the outro of paradise city is fast but not that melodious.
The solo of fall to pieces is included in the "solo for beginners" list

the second solo of civil war is great.
Estranged is also a great song.
The solo for slither is also nice.
A few solos I love playing which are quite fast are:

Don't Damn me
Im not sure which November Rain solo you mean so i'm going to say the outro one.
It's so easy outro solo ( Not amazingly hard but still a good challenge!)