I jammed with the drummer recently and we played some half decent stuff together ( just playing things together that we made up on the spot ) and we talked for quite a bit. It's the first time I've had a proper talk with him in person away from school.

Here's the problem(s) :

1. It's just him and I. We were upposed to pick up a female for the band ( so we could have female vocals too ) and he found a guitarist and now they're going out. Problem is they could break up and not really knowing her very well ( seems sound enough ) I'm not sure how she'd be around an ex.

2. She hasn't yet agreed that she wants to be in this band. She claims to be in another band and also says she isn't very good at guitar. She wasn't at the jamming session as she's ill right now ( toxic fumes I think ) and hasn't seen her boyfriend ( the drummer ) for a while.

3. Drummer wants to learn bass. I play guitar and could take over drums if he wanted to do bass for some songs. Problem is I haven't heard either him or the guitarist sing yet, so I'm not sure how it would work.

4. He is into punk, she is into punk. He called my songs that I wrote "emo" ( I disagree ). He's open minded and is willing to try new things but I'm not sure about the guitarist. And knowing couples he might side with her most of the time if she disagrees.

So that's it rounded up. I'm 16 ( 17 soon ) and the other two are 14/15. I met themthrough my ex who I still talk to and get along with and hopefully I'm just being paranoid about these "problems".
everybody should stick to the instrument theyre best at.............you should all unite to make music, despite relationships and **** like that
I hate it when there is drama before an official band is even formed. I had a long-time friend who I used to jam with all the time when I was younger. He would constantly switch between guitar, bass, and drums. It opened him up for more spots, but he was mediocore at all of them and had crappy equipment. Also he was hired for one band with the rest of our group to play guitar and would even keep switching during band practice (WTF) this was a reason for us firing him. That's why I think when in a band setting, people should stick to one instrument. When they go home they can play whatever instrument they want.

As for style, sometimes you have to play a style of music you don't like. If it's punk, and they want it.. then I say play it. That way you are still performing and could run into other people your style down the road.

As for the relationship part, if they were on the breaking up stages.. I wouldn't mess with it. There has to be other females who sing in your area. That or hire her and get rid of the drummer.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
Thanks guys.

If they were to break up ( knock on wood ) then I'd be able to sing in her place and be able to get an instrumentalist to fill her place. As for getting a new drummer, no. It's extremely hard to find drummers round here although I could stand in for a bit and could teach someone who's interested.

As for playing other styles - I'm open to almost anything. My pet peeve being that the local scene is all punk and none of them do anything differently from each other. I can write what I think are good songs ( albeit simple ) and I wouldn't want to be overuled by the other two everytime as the songs don't sound "punk" enough. I'd want us all to bring parts of what we like about certain genres into our songs. The drummer is open minded, but I haven't even spoke to the guitarist about the band yet.

On the subject of the guitarist - she claims she isn't very good. So I could end up being lead vocals and lead guitar. Not a problem for me except that I've never really played any lead before.