Hey guys,

i was thinking about getting a one of those little Epi valve amps, the 5 watt ones with just volume controll. i was gonna get a pod xt but turns out i cant.

its mainly so i dont have to carry my 100 watter about whenever i wanna play any where else. so, i play mostly hard rick and metal but it doesnt have to be spot on, im not expecting miricals hear, like metalica seether linken park rammstein ,some 182 alien ant farm and nirvana.

i alredy have a boss metal zone and i might get a EQ to go with it, u can get a quite an overdriveish sound from the MT2 (e.g overdrive the amp).

so basicly would it be useable for metal/rock with that setup?

its 5 watts so i would have to crank it, i intended to anyway.

so whats ur opinion ?
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I wouldnt get it. It would be a waste of money to you. Seriously. Save and get a real amp maybe?
i dont gig, and its just so that when im working away so i dont have to take my little 1 watt mini marshall that has serious tone issues , dont get me wrong its ok but its basicly a mini MG

**EDIT: also read my sig - getting new amp this xmas - maybe not a TSL now though, possiblya LC-30 II or 5150 head/cab**
gear4music indianapolis // Blackstar HT-1R Metal
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I'd get it. I mean it's only £80 or something. Probably find you can get a better tone out of it than your MG. I can get a better tone out of my little squire amp than a AVT!
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