I got my Wah Pedal, now im looking to get 1-2 more. what else should I get? I have about $230 to spend, if I spend that much, I want two pedals.

Im thinking of getting an EQ pedal, the MXR 10-Band to be specific.

What else? Im thinking about Delay or a Fuzz pedal?

I've heard that some pedals sound like **** with a Valvetronix, or I would have gotten a distortion pedal.

get a boss delay pedal, try even the boss ge7 eq. I have it and its amazin. I love boss. Or even the me50 for £160, dnt no if u want a multi pedal or not. Do you hav a distortion pedal? if so i wouldnt get a fuzz cos u can get a similar sound out of a distortion pedal.
A couple of people have told me that since the Vox is a Modelling amp, that distortion pedals sound like ****. Can anyone confirm that?
whats a modelling amp? Not an expert on voxs myself so i cant help. Do u get a good distortion off the amp?
I get a pretty good distortion. Just looking for more variety, which is why I was looking at the Boss OD-20, 22 different distortions.
never tried that one but boss do good distortions. I hav an mt2 and a ds1. both good
^ The boss mt2 is an expensive paperweight. It sounds like crap, using the VT's disortion is surely better than any cheap disortion pedal?
I found the $160 Boss OD-20 on ebay for $90, so it cant be that bad, since its so expensive. Should I go for it? Has anyone tried it? Its the yellow double pedal with a bunch of settings.
Im not fully sure about the Boss pedal. I think my amp's distortions are fine for now. Im set on getting the MXR EQ.

Should I get a Boss Delay or get some kind of Fuzz?
^ I'm not a big fan of fx pedals but if you like your tone then check out the boss delays if you really think you need it ... after all your amp has built in effects ........
Well the delay on my amp isnt really that good. I can only change the speed of the delay. I want to be able to change the time.
Is a delay pedal worth it? The delay on the Vox is lacking, but I dont know how much better a pedal would be. To be specific, the Boss DD-3.