Looking for a new guitar and i came across these that i like. By the way i'm coming from onxy platinum warlock and like to play mostly classic rock, like ACDC Guns n roses metallica and some nu metal stuff.

1) Agile AL-3000 Slim Profile Neck Black

2)Algile-2800 silverburst

3)Algile Al-2500 3 humbuckers

Are these as just as good as the epiphone les paul custom/black beauty or should i save up more money to get the epiphone? Also should i save up for a new amp like a peavy valveking b/c right now im playing with a 30w kustom amp which is ok but u know...? Thanks
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Edit: Ok well The silver burst Has ceramic Pickups, There more suited for metal, Songs with allot of gain, your best bet I would say would be the first one with the Tapered neck,

now about the one with 3 pickups, I don't know about that agile but I've played both epiphone les pauls and SGs with 3 pickups and they don't make that much of a difference, and the middle pickup is right were you pick so it takes some getting used to,

All in all I would say the black with the neck taper, It seems like its good for classic rock and the kinda stuff you play,
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Choice 1 is the same one I ordered.
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