Hey people, well I started guitar not long ago, but I think Im doing quite decent at the moment, I can play quite a lot of songs so =]

Well heres the thing, Im deciding for my birthday in October to get a new guitar, I have an old Fender Squier at the moment which is my Dads but he never uses it so I use it.

I thought my mom said my price limit was 2000 quid so I was like yeah, Ill go buy a Tom Delonge Sig Gibson but its actually 200 odd or summit >< Lols, well to be honest I want something similar to Tom Delonges Gibson guitar...I prefer it to be white...black maybe but so far my main choice is the Epiphone Dot Studio...and since I have no idea about guitars can someone please tell me if its a good choice for the price? Or does anyone know of a guitar thats good and similar to Tom D's guitar.

Thanks, and, erm, suggestions things to add on aswell =]

Regards. Tomamo5.
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Its : rolleyes:

Anyways, 200 quid, thats 200 pounds, right? Whats your playing style? Dude, we gotta know your playingstyle.
Well, just to be like everyone else, here's my rig:

Fender American Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Washburn J28SDL

Mesa/Boogie F-50 Combo
Nothing wrong with blink or AVA ^o) Im an open minded music person thing but I want summit similar to Tom D's Gibson.

Thats what I dont like, when bands were low profiled everyone loves them, when they get big soon critics will be on them and theyll somehow go from everyones fave band to there most hated. =[
i'm fine with blink but 'AVA' IMO sound like bloody U2, and also i'm fine with bands that have gotten big, i love metallica, slayer, slipknot etc etc, but yeah i suggest an epiphone LP either studio or standard depending on your budget, they're the same but the studio is uglier
Thanks for the tip...but at the moment Im more interested in the dots =] They any good? Im interested in the dot studio because its kinda low price which is good for me =] So tis good or nots?

Agreed bout AVA...but it kinda sinks in, at first I was like WTF Tom what are you doing? But couple of replaying the songs it kinda sunk in so ^^
Sorry, well Im going to bed, tomoz Ill check up to see if theres more replys k =]