1: if i learn loads of different genres of music will it help me in the long run?
like slayer use a mix of hardcore punk and metal to get their sound, if i start learning hardcore punk will i play slayer easier? things like that, like if i learn thrash and solos i'll be better at shred etc

2:if i buy a really cheap guitar (£30 ish) and fix it with slightly better pick-ups and stuff like for a strat copy new pick-guard, new knobs etc etc, will i be able to get £100 per guitar, cos it'd cos about £50 to get one guitar up for sale, then sell it for £100 get another and keep doing that 'till i can afford to mod more expensive ones
is that a good way to get money?
1. Yes

2. Not positive, but you would have an easy time selling. Most people who would be buying a low end guitar like that are newer players and wouldn't understand your upgrades so they would see the same model somewhere cheaper and buy that one instead. People who would understand your uprgrades probably wouldn't be interested in a cheaper guitar like that. That's just my theory I could be totally wrong.
1) Yes. Try learning stuff off The Misfits' Earth AD album and you'll be well on your way.

2) Not sure, you could always give it a go, though.
slayer doesnt put "hardcore punk" as you so put it, in their music, and you should be slapped for thinking that
theyre thrash metal/ death metal lyrics.
and well as far as it goes it think it might help a little, but im not sure
and the whole guitar thing goes, where are you getting all of those new pickups and knobs and stuff?
i think it might help but it would take forever
Rather than trying to learn a specific style of music you are better off focusing on basic techniques. Slayer uses alot of fast power chugging picking styles. And alot of punk/hardcore punk is alot of downstroking as fast as you possibly can. As far as learning different styles of playing guitar you only make yourself more versatile. I started out very basic rock then went to metal and am now taking it upon myself to learn how to play a more bluesy type of music.
thanks for that, i think if i cant sell i can over exagerate, if they arent experianced with guitars "Solid AGATHIS body with a WILKINSON trem and SINGLE-COIL pickups" they;d go crazy for it cos in england vintage (a guitar make) are equipped with wilkinson stuff and all of the guitars they make are well over £100 even though you can buy wilkinson stuff for cheap, if that goes bad i could sell it to a pawn shop as you americans call it
sorry for the double post (unless someone posts above me) but yeah jeff haneman learnt guitar through hardocre punk, him and kerry king put the speed of punk toghether with the heaviness and skill of metal and came up with thrash, and about the guitar idea taking forever, its only to get me some money toghether till i'm old enough to get a job