I have an idea for a new band setup to try and get a new sound and I need some ideas into how to make it work in terms of songwriting/arranging.
I was thinking about setting up a kind of Jazz/funk/rock band but with horns. Most jazz/rock fusions that have happened have turned out inacessible, but I want to create something that everyone can enjoy whilst keeping in some of the darkness that is often a defining feature of rock music.
The main problem I'm having is Integrating the horns into songs in such a way that it dosen't sound cheesy (like a lot of ska or punkabilly) or that dosen't destroy the rock dound in favour of an all out funk sound.
Any Thoughts?

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Really. I think it might be possible but you would be VERY hard pressed to figure out how. Don't worry if it doesn't work ( I'm not sayin it won't ) We all have musical fantasies.
listen to reel big fish or the urge. those might help, but probably not
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I've found that horn and keyboard (especially organ) bits are often interchangeable. Try using the horns like an organ.
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