hey guys
i was watching the making of under the bridge by the rhcp yesterday. It was John Frusciante talking about that Anthony wrote the song. John said that he thought it was a sad song so he put happy chords to it.

does anyone know the difference between happy and sad notes?
I think he means that he wanted to add a bright sound to the song. As far as "sad" notes listen to Demolition lovers by my chemical romance. You probbably hate them but the guitar in that song realy makes you feel sad or emotional.
well, D minor is the saddest of all keys.

figured we could get that out of the way early. anyway, what john means is that instead of using the stereotypical minor chord sound for a sad song, we went for something in a major key to be creative. the major key has a happy sound to make it sound happy but has sad lyrics.
Typically major is the happy stuff and minor is the sad stuff. Since jof really covered all that, I only really replied to say

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well, D minor is the saddest of all keys.

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