Okay I have an 04' Squire strat and I'm big Tom Morello fan, so I was Looking at setting up my strat like his Audioslave one, not because I want to Look like him, but because a Locking Trem and Killswitch could come in handy, and it beats a basic vibrato arm and no killswitch. So my plans woould be to take it to a shop and get them to "enlarge the bridge hotle so an Floyd Rose or a EdgePro could fit in it, and then put a Gibson styled (or stronger) toggle switch on the bottom horn close to the end of a pickshield, and run that between all the other wiring and the line out, so I could basically flip the signal on and off (you get the point). So.....

1 - Is Thsi Possible
2 - If you can, how much do you think it will cost?
3 - Suggestions


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I haven't updated my sig in a while, I have a american made strat too, but pleased help me out here.

THNX for noticing

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