I'm looking into a good wah peddle, and ive come across the vox one and several editions of the crybaby, morley wah peddles, and with a jimi hendrix wah/effects pedddle. I'm looking for something relativeley simple, and user friendly. Whats the cheapest, but best deal i can get? Ive heard mixed reviews on the crybaby, so i assume they have the occasional fluke. Any suggestions?

Mostly for metal, some blues, and some hendrix.
This has nothing to do with anything but: Wah threads are the new trend here Ive noticed. We've bypassed MGs and Vox vs. Roland...now its Wahs.

You can probably use the search feature and find everything you want to know about the whole deal.

The Dimebag Darrel Crybaby From Hell has amazing reviews, which is why I got it. I cant really say if its awesome or not, im not a pro on wah pedals, but my friend played it and says it's amazing. He has the Bad Horsie wah pedal, and he thinking about getting the Crybaby From Hell to replace it.
I'd get the Vox V847 if I were you. Mine's coming in a couple days =).

I've owned a Crybaby From Hell before...I didn't like it so I returned it.

Edit: The Vox has the classic 60's type wah, but it also goes well with metal.

Happy wah wah hunting!

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I just bought the Dunlop Cry Baby yesterday used and it is great. Don't know the exact name, but the Dunlop Cry Babies seem pretty good.
ibanez weeping demon. i'm going to pick one up as soon as i get paid.
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weeping demon DEFINATELY
its awesome for metal, funk, used on a clean channel its amazing and it goes with any solo out there
it can do any style and has alot better controls than other wahs
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