When I get more money I am planning on assembling a Strat. The different thing about it is it is going to have a telecaster bridge (proboly a 52') and telecaster neck/bridge pickups and i will have a Texas Special most likely for the middle pickup. Another difference is it's gonna be a string-thru. As far as wiring goes, i am to use a five way selecter. The positions will be:
position 1: neck
position 2: middle and neck
position 3: middle
position 4: bridge
position 5: neck and bridge

Now I am a complete begginer when it comes to electronics so if anyone could draw me up a diagram it would greatly appreciated. I will start a new thread later when i begin the build.
I could draw you a diagram for those selections, but...
A regular 5 way switch won't handle it, but..
A superswitch will.
So if you can get one of those, I can draw something for it.
One volume and one tone, same as Tele?
These go to eleven...
I think by 52' bridge he actually means the bridge. One of those vintage ones with 3 saddles, I imagine.
These go to eleven...
Because he wants the fifth position of the selctor switch to be bridge-neck instead of bridge, and make the 4th selction just bridge.
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From what I know now I would use the superswitch so if anyone can draw me or find my a wiring diagram that would be awsome
the first tone is for the neck and the second one will be for the bridge
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^ I was looking at that but i already have a pickgaurd with a graphic that i got painted on and pretty sure i couldnt get it painted it again

And plus I can hardley wire a normal 5 way switch, let alone 13 different ones
I have to suggest the bridge+mid position...
It elimates hum.
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Well if you still want that first doodlygram, it goes a little something like this...

These go to eleven...