I'm going to be going to my first Wu-Tang concert in Orlando at the Hard Rock on Aug. 24. I own 36 Chambers and a few other singles so I'm pretty familiar with their stuff. My question goes out to anyone that has been to a Wu-Tang concert before, what are some staples songs they do at concerts (if any) or what was the setlist of the concert you saw? Thanks.
OMG, I want to kill you and take your tickets!! I would love to see them, they OWN! Sorry, I've never seen them, so I have no idea what they would play.
I'm going to see them in philly, but itll be my first time as well so i cant answer your question....
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Mostly stuff from 36 Chambers + a few solo songs + Gravel Pit + a few others.

The W (album) is really underrated IMO.
The W is very underrated. Anyway you might want to get some solo stuff cause they're most likely gonna do some.

Method Man - Bring The Pain
Ol Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Gza/Genius - Liquid Swords
Raekwon - Ice Cream
Raekwon - Glaciers of Ice
Ghostface Killah - Back Like That (maybe)
Ghostface Killah - One


EDIT: Here's the tracklisting for their live album, I'm pretty sure it was all recorded at one show.

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Considering the rarity of dedicated rap fans on this site, google's probably your best bet.

36 chambers is great.