I have power tab installed on my computer and I am a bit disappointed. It doesn't sound quality sucks on it. Neither the bass nor the guitar sounds right. I was wondering if guitar pro sounded better or if there is a way to change the sound on power tabs so that it really sounds like a bass or guitar.
ive got power tab and gp5 on my computer and gp5 sounds more like a real guitar gp4 sounds more like power tab

i havent found a way to change power tab to sound good
guitar pro doesnt sound that good either. besides its just for teaching a song anyways

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well download it right from the site for a 30 day demo, but for some reason, my demo expired months ago and it still works
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i have got the full version of guitar pro 4. But it will not play gp3. files. The icon on the gp3. files is the unknown icon. You know, when windows doesn't recognize it. Any way when I go to open these files it says "To open this file please update your Guitar pro software" But its Guitar pro 4 opening guitar pro 3 files!!! There's also other little glitches. And sometimes it wont even play gp4 files..

ps. There are one or two gp3 files it will play and it plays MOST gp4 files. So wtf. I'm probably gonna get no support from this. Please no comments saying "Contact guitar pro.com" cos ...
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Guitar Pro IS WAYYYYY BETTER. "Wiiink Wink" Limewire

It is way better. But I wouldn't recommend Limewire for anything other than mp3 files.. there are just too many viruses to be dealt with. Use a program like Shareaza or do a little research to find a different p2p program. Or just use Limewire, lol, make sure you have virus protection!
GP is better, but Power is sufficient if you don't have the cash or don't feel like forking it over.
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hey i have guitar pro and i noticed that they had barley any gwar songs at all and i would appriciate it greatley if somone would make a guitar pro tab for imortal curropter