Currently Im playing a Jackson DKMG dinky through a boss ds-1 distortion pedal and a marshall mg-15. I was wondering what some setting for a good harcore sound, kind of like the bled, the number twelve looks like you, or texas is on fire. I usualy play more metal/metal-core songs, but im in a hardcore band and really need to get the tone instead of just sounding like some thrash band doing a hardcore cover. Im considering getting a new pedal as well, so what do you think is a good dist, or overdrive pedal for hardcore/metal-core music?
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thats what i use....but dont compare it to my purevolume, we used a ****ty mp3 to record and a 15 watt behringer amp.
oh and get a new pedal maybe
a mega distortion maybe?
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If you are playing in a band like you said, don't put the mids at 0. Put them at 3-4 and then raise your bass up by like 1. You will cut through at least a little better.