Well im thinking of getting a vox ac15, i was just wondering if anyone had one or has had any experiences of using them ? Do they sound good ? I'm gonna go try one in a shop soon but i jt wanted other people opinions on them. Do you have to have it really loud before it starts to break up ? Also if you were to compare its volume to a solid state amp in terms of watts what you you rate it as ? i only ask because i currently have a roland cube 30 watt

well i have an AC30 and its nice. They sound very good but it ALL depends on what you play.

Its about 40-50 watts ss. (youre getting the one with wharfedales arent you).

What kind of music are you playing?
i play classic rock/ blues, with the odd bit of metal now and then, but i can sue a pedal for that.

Yeah the one im talking about is the wharfdale one, also seeing as you have an AC30, how are they at low volumes ? like for practising at home ? cos i could probably stretch my budget to get one if they are useable at home as well as gigging
Don't get an AC30 for home use!!!!

The AC15 is good for everything you play except for metal (and even with a pedal it wont do metal well)

a marshall jcm would be really really nice for what you play too. (im not sure about home use though)

The blues junior is really nice too (if you changed the speaker and made some changes it would be REALLY REALLY nice. good for home and gigs and it can get LOUD)
Great amp IMO...try it out, if you like it, go for it.
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Both the AC30 and AC15 are great amps that sound wonderful are great for home use, gigs, and recording. The Neodog's, Wharfedales, and blues, all sound really good as well. As mentioned it can do low/medium gain tones, as well as some hard rock tones really good. A difference with the AC15 from the AC30 is that the AC15 is solid state rectified while the AC30 is tube rectified. Obviously 15's will break up sooner than 30's. I would say the highest gain you can get is with an OD pedal and humbucker guitar, think Foo fighters. other than that its a great classic rock and bluesy amp.
Anything Vox makes is golden, man.

Get one, you'll love it.
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ok thanks guys, i guess ill make my decision when i get to try one out at a shop.
if you're getting vox then get an AC15 instead.

SS rectified shouldnt be a turnoff. I can't get my AC30 to come close to breaking up at my house. If i wanted to then id have to break the windows.

So get the 15 for the sole purpose that you can get it to break up earlier
AC15s are nice, and will be great for practice and so on.

And try one out, if you like, buy!.
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just to throw the cat among the pigeons, I didn't like it.

Probably didn't help that I was trying cornells, cornfords, and wolfetones against it, but there you go.

How much is it? and what tones are you after?
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