okay I just want to know wat hybrid picking and alternate picking are.
If sumone could give me a definition of wat they are and give me sum links to sites that can show me the technique of these syles of picking...
Hybrid Picking (Chicken Pickin') - Playing with a pick and fingers at the same time.
Alternate Picking - Strict alternating upward and downward pick strokes continously. Up, down, up, down.
alternate picking is picking up then down then up then down etc. pick up on the string then down. understand?
Alt-picking, at least for me, got a lot more fluent and clean when I started using heavier picks (Fender extra heavy at the moment), and holding the pick between the thumb and the side of the index finger, rather than the tip. This angles the pick, and it makes for a slashing motion when you're picking. Paul Gilbert for example does it like this, and he's a damn good alt-picker. I think John Petrucci does this too...

Anyway, for hybrid picking check out Albert Lee. Mark Knopfler does it too, although not as insanely fast :p