I have a MAJOR PROBLEM and any advice that you may have as well as good videos that are available to buy that can easily be downloaded:cough:, or easy to understand tutorials please tell me.

Heres the problem: I have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER about music theory or why scales are made up the way they are, why chords are called what they are and everything else. I am a complete noob to everything about guitar. However all I can do is play and read tablature using guitar pro 5 and name any single note on the guitar. I know about sharps and flats and steps and whole steps and thats about it.

So my main focus is to play rock music and solos and chords and understand rock music in theory. I am clueless on where to start and really want to play and understand guitar more...Please help me

I have read tutorials on this site but it is still to ahead of where I am currently at :-(
I read his tutorial about interbals and its all a bunch of BlaH to me. It makes absolutely no sense...
I see... well, read through it. ALL of it - over and over again. Then keep searching other websites and sources, and you'll eventually start to grasp it.

But like I said, any specific question on music theory should be in the Musician Talk forum - so if you get stuck, just ask.
Ok I just tried reading this http://www.online-guitar-lesson.com/musical-intervals.html and its exremely difficult to understand. He talks about accidentals and such and he doesnt even explain what an accidental is! He talks to technichal. He shoes charts and everything is way too confusing. I think I am just going to stick to tablature and guitarpro 5 and just memorize where to place fingers. All the music theory stuff is way to techniqal...no one seems to explain theory BASIC, its always sounding to techniqal and confusing. My best thing to do is just take lessons with someone who can show me in person.

If all I am focusing on now is memorizing where to place fingers to play things does doing so have its consequences?
^Well, those are lessons are written by our very own gpb0216... so expect some articulation and chic, and most of his examples require sight reading knowledge - perhaps I shouldn't have given you that particular link, although it is one of the best resources on the internet.

Perhaps you could try the second link I gave you; 'Music Theory: The Beginning' - That's a lot more beginner orientated, or 'dumbed down' - try slowly reading through that and applying every example and section to your guitar and on paper, then when you come across something you don't quite grasp, ASK IN MT!

And yes, taking the path of least resistance; memorizing finger patterns and thinking of notes as fingers has consequences - namely the inability to compose anything of any real substance... absolutely zilch improvisational skills and generally a closed mind on music in general... you're a guitarist - you strive to create music, that is not possible with finger positions and GuitarPro5.