I need some help i put a semor duncan hot rail in my Squire Strat guitar and it sounds like crap, it dosnt work on the clean channel and sounds like total crap on the overdrive channel. i need help with wiring could someone who has done this before help me. thankyou very very much if you can help with this!!
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resolder all the joints and make sure they look proper. This happens all the time and a good bit of it is because of poor soldering technique.
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k thx, could someone still show me the wiring to get the best use out of the pickup, i want to know if the wiring is right before i re solder the joints.
uhh, if you're getting output out of the pickup than it's wired correctly...

and it should only have 2 wires to solder, AFAIK... the schematic is at the site...

I suppose your guitar is 3 singles, 1 volume, 2 tones, 5way, so i selected this diagram straight from www.seymourduncan.com