ok so through out the decades there were cool bands and guitarist, being some of ted nugent, slash (g-n-r), ace frehley (kiss), and jimi hendrix. I want some ones opinon on the coolest guitarist and bands ever. if anyone cares. so here open forum, what is the coolest guitarist or band ever. im curious.
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well..........ace frehley obviously and kiss
brian may and queen
eddie van halen and van halen as obvious as it seems
hedrix definetly
George Harrison with the Beatles - what more can I say?
Duane Allman was awesome
Frank Zappa with the Mothers of Invention - one of a kind guitarist and band
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter with Steely Dan- simply outstanding
Django Reinhardt - not bad for a guy with two functioning fingers on his fretting hand
Charlie Christian - one of the most influential guitarists ever

I haven't even scratched the surface, but that's all for now...
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Joe Satriani - Now, he may not be the most influencial or special in most peoples minds, but for me - he is.

I resonate to the core with the sound of his guitar, his playing is so influencial to me and has kept my head above water during some rather un-motivated years.

His music plays a big part in my life.
Stevie Ray Vaughan was so cool. You can see him pouring his heart and soul into every song he peformed and yet seem to make it look effortless. This man is the definition of cool.
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